Breakfast Plan ( Japanese rise and miso soup )
guest house MARUYA

We are now offering the Best Rate!

Discount on consecutive nights/

After the second night, you will automatically receive 【10% OFF】.

Please take advantage of this discount if you would like to stay in deep Atami for a mid- to long-term stay!

Our Most Popular Plan

Plan with Breakfast Included, Enjoying a Morning Full of Atami!

  • If you're struggling to choose a plan for your first stay

    If you want to experience grilling and eating Atami's famous dried fish

  • If you want to spend a leisurely morning chatting with the staff

This plan is recommended for those who are looking for these experiences.

About Breakfast (Atami's Self-Service Experience Breakfast)

A popular breakfast option at our guesthouse.

Guests can purchase dried fish of their choice from one of the three long-established dried fish stores on Atami Ginza-street and have it grilled on the guesthouse's grill for this morning meal. In the shared lounge, we will serve rice made from Shizuoka rice and miso soup with Dashi made from shavings from a dried bonito flakes shop.

Please spend your morning in full Atami style! (You can select this option when you make your reservation.)

[Breakfast information]

Fee: 300 yen/meal (must be applied by 18:00 the day before)
Served: 8:00-10:00
Dried fish price: 500-800 yen per fish (varies)
※Dried fish purchase cost is not included in the option (must be purchased separately) Breakfast

Guest Room Information

Rooms at guest house MARUYA are mainly capsule type, and all rooms have locks.

Unlike the dormitories in most guesthouses, you can stay in a semi-private room style. All rooms are decorated differently, so you can enjoy a different atmosphere each time you stay.

[Single] Standard Capsule (Upper & Lower)

The most numerous type of standard room in the guesthouse.

The room may seem cramped, but it is designed to be a little larger than a futon, so you can spread out your luggage.

The ceiling is slightly higher in the upper bunk, and the lower bunk is easier to get in and out of. Please choose the one you prefer and make a reservation.

Standard Single

Capacity: 1 person
Room:Single room (1 japanese futon set)
Size:Slightly larger than a futon
Others: Electricity socket, 2 hangers, lock, shared shower

[Single] Premium capsule (lower)

A premium single capsule about twice the size of a standard room.

These spacious rooms were originally designed as twin rooms, so you can spend a relaxing time.

A low table for working is also provided, so you can work quietly in the room. Recommended for those who want to stretch their legs and bask in the comfort of their own room.

Premium Single

Capacity: 1 person
Room:Single room (1 futon set)
Size:Slightly larger than 2 futons
Other: Electricity socket, 2 hangers, lock, shared shower

[Twin room] Standard capsule (Upper & Lower)

A standard twin room about twice as large as a standard single room.

These rooms are popular with those who wish to spend time with friends or couples.

Standard Twin

Capacity: 2 persons
Room:Twin room (2 futons)
Size:Slightly larger than 2 futons
Other: Electricity socket, 2 hangers, lock, shared shower

[Triple] Standard Room

Triple rooms are the only private rooms available at the guesthouse.

It is the largest room in a completely private room, so you can have a comfortable stay even if you spread out your carry-on cases.

The room has bunk beds, so it is recommended not only for couples and married couples, but also for friends.

Standard Triple

Capacity: 3 persons
Room: Triple room (1 set of bunk beds with under beds)
Other: Electricity socket, 3 hangers, air conditioner, lockable door, shared shower


All rooms are non-smoking.

Shower room, toilet and kitchen are shared with other guests.

Washing machine and dryer are available free of charge (detergent charged).

guest house MARUYA
About check-in time
We are supposed to accept check-in 15:00-21:00. If you arrive over 21:00, please tell us in advance. If there is no contact until 21:00, it will be automatically canceled.
※We cannot accept check-in over 22:00.
About late check-in [advance notice required].
Please note that an additional charge will occur after 21:00 - 22:00 check-in(100yen/5min late)
Smoking in the facilities
Smoking is not permitted in the building. (Smoking areas are available)
About Parking Lots
There is no dedicated parking space. Please use coin-operated parking lots in your neighborhood.
Simple Stay Plan without Breakfast
We are now offering the Best Rate!\Discount on consecutive nights/After the second night, you will automatically receive 【10% OFF】.Please take advantage of this discount if you would like to stay in d
【学生専用】\学生証提示で10%OFF/!期間限定!:2024年4月1日から2024年6月30日まで学生の皆さんに旅の経験をしてもらいたい!ということで、学生向けのプランを作成しました!※ チェックインの際に宿泊のみなさん全員の学生証提示必須■ 学生のうちに熱海旅行を楽しみたい■ 壁扉で仕切られた部屋で安眠したい■ 宿泊費用を抑えて熱海を満喫したい■ 熱海の日帰り温泉も割安で入りたい■ キレイなゲ