Tiny House Hotel Moritabby
Tiny House Hotel Moritabby is a small inn with only 5 trailer houses. The separate building has a mini kitchenette, shower, washbasin and toilet. Our particular point is the interior. You can choose from different tastes such as romantic, vintage and modern casual to suit your taste. It’s located in the convenient area. Lake Yamanaka, the nearest bus stop, supermarket, convenience store, drug store, restaurant and hot springs are located within a 3-10 minute walk.
Basic Plan
The cabin is equipped with a kitchenette. You can buy local foods and drinks at a supermarket located in 5 min walk. You can also enjoy lunch and dinner at the Japanese restaurant "Taihou." It's only
Traveling w/Doggy Plan
Dogs are our loving family. Always with us, even on a trip. In a camping trailer, you can stay with your dogs weighting less than 10 kilograms. You can accompany up to two dogs. If you bring two, plea