Japanese Traditional House to rent in rural Kyoto. Only one group per day.
Bring-in/Option Meals Package
About this Package This package allow you to bring in your own food to cook yourselves or choose meals as an option. If you would like to order meals including breakfast, please feel free to choose fr
Bring-in BBQ Package
About this Package This Package includes Weber's BBQ gas grill 2 terrace tables 8 terrace chairs Parasol Tarp (for rainy weather) Carving knife & fork Tongs Cooking thermometer Barbecue plate Disposab
Superb BBQ Package
About this Package Superb BBQ Package includes: Deer Block Meat from Miyama Slices of Wild Boar Meat from Miyama Local Chicken (for 4 or more servings) Wagyu (Japanese beef) Steak Meat Sausage mad
Memorial Photo Session Package
About this Package This package is for your stay on an anniversary. This package comes with a discount portrait photo session that normally costs 17,600yen for 15,000yen. For meals, you can bring-in y
Birthday Package
About this Package This package comes with a birthday cake when you stay on your birthday. For meals, please choose your meals from options in the reservation page or bring your own food to cook. Prec
Senior Citizen 20%OFF Package
About this Package If all the guests are 60 years old or older, the total room rate including meals will be reduced by 20%. In addition, if you are coming by public transport, for 4 people or less, we
Last-Minute Package
About this Package It is a great plan with a discount of 2,000 yen per person of normal "Bring-in Package" that can be reserved from 3 days before the accommodation date. With this deal, you can stay