Kouri beach side villa "YUMANDI"
There are several power spots, and experiences that can only from staying on this Kouri Island. Kouri Island is located in the northern part of Okinawa's main island. This island is locally known as "Lovers' Island”. There is an Okinawan folk tale that when mankind was born, there were two lovers on this island, living in a sea cave.

「Feel the sea, wind, sky, stars, and greenery. Live freely.」

On this special island, known as Koijima (it`s means lovers island in Japanese), please spend a luxurious free time with your loved ones in your own rhythm.
Just after crossing the Kouri Bridge, you will reach this concrete villa through the unpaved road. It is surrounded by national forests and sugar cane fields, but a 30-second walk to the sea.
Our villa design values ​​the harmony between nature and concrete architecture, which is one of the symbol of Okinawa. You can feel the goodness of this place with all your senses. The interior is made of wood and stucco, and the exterior is a stone wall of Ryukyu limestone and a hedge of hibiscus.
A characteristic long slope is installed for customers who roll suitcases, strollers, wheelchairs, and those who dare to take a detour and enjoy the slope.
▲You will reach YUMANDI through the unpaved road. It is surrounded by national forests and sugar cane fields, but a 30-second walk to the sea. Birds, a natural monument, may appear on the tree in front of villa.
▲We recommend you to take a walk on the seawall in front of YUMANDI in the morning. A 3-minute walk to Kouri Beach. By the way, there is another secret beach that can only be reached on foot.
▲At the entrance, palm trees welcome you. Please also use the slope you can see in the back.
▲COCONUTS CLUB (it is a cool marine activity shop) is just beside YUMANDI. You can go and back in your swimwear (1 minute walk), and can enjoy yourself to your heart's content.
▲In addition to snorkeling, banana boats, and SUP, there are also COCONUTS CLUB's original power spot tour named "Heart in the Sky".
▲Why don`t you ask for a personal chef? We recommend to make an early reservation as will be filled up soon. You can also ask for a breakfast box to the chef.
▲"Hitomasu" from Nago's Bento and delivery shop. You can order the ingredients for "Agu-buta no shabu-shabu".
▲Popular personal chef Hashimoto, one of our recommend chef, he can cook nice with his "Yachimun" plate.
▲Watch the starry sky at night. Kouri Ocean Tower, Milky Way, and YUMANDI, this is our favorite composition. It feels good just to go up to the roof and look up the starry sky. Take a commemorative photo with it.
▲Imagine you are here. We wish for the eternal beauty of this Kouri Island and the earth. "YUMANDI" means "eternity" in Okinawan language.
Kouri beach side villa "YUMANDI"
【Frequently Asked Questions】
I'd like to use daytime. But check-in time 16:00-22:00, check-out time 11:00, is it correct?
I'm Sorry, it's a system problem. If you select the "Daytime use Plan", you can use it from 9:00 to 17:00. However, even if you request to use this plan, we will accept it only if there is no reservation the day before.
Are children allowed to stay?
Children of all ages are welcome, but there are balconies, ramps, stairs, and other dangerous areas.
Please keep an eye on your children and use them with caution as we are not responsible for their safety.
How do I check-in?
After your reservation is confirmed, we will issue you an entrance key number and send it to you by e-mail.
You will use this number to enter the room.
This way may change at any time depending on the COVID-19 infection status.
Please contact our local staff (080-9757-9334) on the day of your visit.
How do I check out?
Please make sure you have not forgotten anything and lock the door after leaving the villa.
Please turn off the lights and leave the air conditioner on.
Please note that we will not be able to keep your luggage after check-out.
Can I check-in early?
This is possible only if there are no reservations for the previous day.
Please select this option when making a reservation.
Please note that this service is not available during peak season.
Can I check out late?
This is only possible if the next guest is not booked on the check-out date.
Please select this option when making your reservation.
Please note that this option is not available during peak season.
Is there a front desk in the facility?
YUMANDI is a single villa. Staff are not stationed at the facility.
Can I make a reservation by phone?
Reservations can only be made via the web.
If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail.
Can I settle locally?
We only accept credit card payment in advance.
Can I leave my luggage before check-in?
We are unable to accept or store luggage in advance.
Can I bring my pet?
No pets are allowed in the hotel.
Is the facility smoke-free?
Smoking is not permitted on the premises or indoors.