Guesthouse U-En / ゲストハウス由苑
Squirreled away behind the bustling streets of Central Osaka, Guesthouse U-En is located in a quiet, traditional area whilst still providing easy access to Umeda’s happening bars. This over 100-year-old townhouse has been lovingly restored into contemporary accommodation retaining its traditional Japanese style. We have designed our hostel to provide you with the best stay in one of the most beautiful parts of Osaka. We invite you to relax in this historic building, make yourself at home!

We opened “Guest House U-EN” in Tamatsukuri in 2007, then we moved to Fukushima in 2013. Thanks to all of you, we can fortunately mark our 15th anniversary. Our building was built as a sake brewery and main building over 110 years ago.  It is rare in the Osaka metropolitan area that old buildings still remain. You can stay casually while feeling the traditional Japanese atmosphere. 

While feeling the atmosphere of the traditional Japanese atmosphere

There are two lounges. You can use the cafe on the 1st floor and the open space on the 2nd floor as a living room. Many guests chill at the lounge all day. Our guests are not only Japanese but also foreign people.  Japanese women who travel alone and nomadic workers, many guests stay here in U-en regardless of their age.  

Enjoy your style of traveling.

The cafe on the first floor is very popular. There is a long line in front of the cafe at lunch time!! And our spice curry is a popular menu, so please try it. We post our daily life on SNS, so please check it out.

We have three unique stores in Osaka city.

We run 3 stores. They are Guest House U-EN, The Pax Hostel in Shinsekai, and BLEND STUDIO in Nishikujo. Each facility is completely different in atmosphere, concept, and location. So please choose a place to stay that suits you.


Guesthouse U-En / ゲストハウス由苑
About Check in (15:00-22:00)
■How to Check in (15:00-22:00)
Check in Desk will be the Cafe Space.
(cafe name of akutagawacoffee”芥川珈琲”)

When the cafe opens:(pm03:00-pm 10:00)
Please enter from the Cafe door, and ask to the staff at the cafe counter.

When the cafe closes:(Only Sunday pm8:00-pm10:00)
Please check our mailbox , and check the password on the card, which is inside the pouch (all information you need for checking-in, and the room keys. )
Please walk in the small alley with a tiny gate, and enter from the hostel's entrance by yourself.

■If you arrive after 22:00
Our night watch staff will wait for you to arrive, so please give us an information of your arrival time beforehand.
When you arrive, walk in the small alley with a tiny gate and ring the doorbell.
How to use luggage storage before check-in .
■How to use luggage storage.
You can use Luggage storage before check-in procedures when you arrive to leave your bags.
Your room will be ready by 15:00.
Please note 10:00 is the earliest time for the luggage storage.