LOQUAT Nishi-izu
Free your mind to nourish your soul in a quiet town far from home, colored in green, blue and orange

Free Your Mind to Nourish Your Soul in a quiet town far from home, colored in green, blue and orange

LOQUAT is a place where you can feel the treasure of Nishi-Izu.

Enjoy precious time of your life feeling the light and wind of Nishi-Izu.

Pamper yourself at a former mansion in Japan.

Find a chance to free your mind to nourish your soul in the beautiful Nishi-Izu area.

Discover the Unique Charms of Nishi-Izu

We offer special moments, experiences, and a lifestyle yet to be known. The four seasons enjoyed here will set your mind free and nourish your soul. This is the most heart-warming experience you can have in the world now. The stay where you can find something new in a brand-new day awaits at LOQUAT. It is a luxury accommodation consisting of two spacious guest rooms in traditional Japanese kura and a villa, available to the maximum of only three groups a day. Your private concierge will be taking care of your needs. Our guest rooms that have been renovated from kura, or traditional Japanese warehouse left from the renowned Suzuki family of Toi since more than 300 years ago offer historical yet modern charms. In the terrace, there is a wide open-air onsen, or hot spring from the source. Find yourself as part of history, spending time as you like and as you might never have imagined. Somewhere and sometime in the beautiful Nishi-Izu area, experience ichigo-ichi-e, meaning once-in-a-lifetime encounter with something special... whether it be the beach, sunset, starry night sky, or history.

Vila SUGURO, the Premium Suite Only Available to One Group a Day

Villa SUGURO is the premium brand of LOQUAT, an exquisite suite of over 180 square meters and a Japanese garden annexed to it. It features a wide living room, an open terrace and open-air hot spring bath with a beautiful scenery and garden as well as a hammam bath exclusively prepared for the guests staying at Villa SUGURO. It is located three minutes away from the Main Building of LOQUAT by car. Surrounded by mountains, rivers and the sea, a century-old precious former residence has been renovated to ensure a luxurious stay. Blending in harmony with nature and history, the special atmosphere is all yours to be enjoyed.

The Delux Kura Guest Rooms: Only for Two Groups Per Day

Two distinctive kura, or traditonal Japanese warehouse have been renovated to meet quality modern accommodation standards. With Simmons bed and beddings of Maruhachi Mawata Co. along with original amenities of LOQUAT, your utmost relaxing stay is promised. The complimentary minibar offers local craft beers and soft drinks.

Free-Flowing Hot Spring Bath in the Open-Air

In each kura there is a terrace of over 40 square meters with a free-flowing hot spring from the source. It’s a perfect place to chill out on the sun loungers situated there, with a favorite drink or book in your hand, day and/or night.

Your Meals at "Takaru Quindici"

The blessing of the earth, water, and the sun, enjoyed in Nishi-Izu surrounded by mountains and the sea.

A famous Italian restaurant Takeru Quindici of Kita-Kamakura has an adjoining restaurant in LOQUAT Nishi-Izu. Enjoy a gourmet’s delight featuring the fresh ingredients of Nishi-Izu paired with carefully selected wines.

the Spa mimosa of Extremely Rare White Loquat

The blessing of white loquat gently awakening the energy within your body.

Our all-hand treatment using nature based botanical essential oil blended with the white loquat extract eases the tension in your muscles, improves the flow of blood and lymph, and removes toxins and impurities in your body. It well balances the autonomic nervous system and the hormones, allowing your body to enhance its natural healing ability.

Gelateria & Bakery SANTi

A memory of a bite enriches your life.

Indulge yourself with the gelato of SANTi, made exclusively by Chef Matsumoto who has been chosen as a TOP 100 WORLD GELATO CHEFS, as much as you'd like—it is complimentary for guests staying at LOQUAT!

Enjoy the bread of LOQUAT Nishi-Izu with breakfast, baked every morning from 6 o'clock. The breads and pastries at SANTi are mainly baked with Japanese flour, in pursuit of tastiness. We use ingredients such as butter, oil and water that are all completely safe to eat. Every piece is baked with care using natural yeast.

the Kura Bar, Exclusive to Our Overnight Guests

One of the three kuras has been renovated into a bar. We have craft beers and original cocktails of local citrus fruit prepared by staffs who absolutely adore the community.


The rare fruit of white loquat is only found in Toi during early summer season. It is dense and mellow, soft as skin, and must be handled gently not to be damaged. Because of these characteristics, white loquats are almost never seen in markets outside of Toi. They are a fruit that is based in this community and nature. We have named our hotel with the same name; the symbol of pride of this town.

The Former Residence of the Suzuki Family

The Suzuki family had been a renowned landlord for generations starting from the Edo Period. Their huge contribution to Toi through the shipping business of Amagi charcoal via sea route has been well told over many years.

The Suzuki family and their residence have contributed to the local community and been loved by the people of Toi. We strive to extend the charms of this special place to many people for years to come.

LOQUAT Nishi-izu