【Limited】Rooftop camping plan
Hostel Knot

A special plan where you can enjoy BBQ and pot party on the roof of the hot spring town

It's not as glamorous as glamping, but you can spend your time alone or with your friend, family in a quiet and slowly in the hot spring town.
In the evening, the orange light shines from the sleeves of the mountain in the west, and at night, you can enjoy the starry sky while listening to the faint river sound.

When the emotional streetlights in the hot spring town begin to light

Starry sky is one of attractive on this plan


It is a plan for 6 people, but if you use it with more people, please contact us when making a reservation. There are also benches, spare chairs and desks.

Tent, tables, chairs
Cots and kotatsu (winter) are available in the tent.
The picture of rooftop at night

Recommended for ...

・ Want to spend our own time in the center of the hot spring town

・ Want to do an outdoor BBQ without bringing anything

・ Want to enjoy the sense of security in the room and the outdoor excitement at the same time

In winter, it is recommended to say a hot pot while warm with kotatsu, and there will be BBQ in summer.

Precautions of this plan (be sure to read)

・ We accept reservations from 2 people for safety management

・ You are not sure to stay in the outdoor space.

・ In principle, the outdoor space will be used from 14:00 to 19:00.

・ The price of this plan includes the room inside.

・ It is possible to bring in meals, etc.

・ Please note that there are no supermarkets (10 minutes by car) or convenience store (10 minutes on foot) nearby.

・ Please be sure to prepare ingredients and wash in the kitchen on the first floor.

●Rentals and services [FREE]

  • - Rooftop -
    ・ Cooler box (100L)
    ・ Tent and interior
    ・ Garden desk, chair
    ・ Tableware (chopsticks, spoon, folk, knife ×8, plate ×10, shera cup ×10)
    ・ Pot for boiling water
    ・ Power supply (with USB port)
    ・ Freezer
    ・ Garbage processing (Please put it in the specified location that staff ask you)
    ・ Tap water
    ・ Ice 1kg (those who wish)

    - Kitchen [1F] -
    ・ Kitchenware
    ・ Microwave
    ・ IH stove
    ・ Refrigerator

    ●Rental items [PAID]
    ・Electric griddle ¥300
    ・Gas cartridge stove ¥300
    ・Ice (1kg) ¥200

Rental items [FREE&PAID]
Please cook, wash, etc. in the 1F kitchen

* Since it is also possible to use it in the case of rainy weather, cancellation in the case of rainy weather on the day will cost you the cancellation fee.

In addition, the entire facility cannot be used if disasters such as typhoons, advisories, warnings, etc. are issued. We do not receive cancellation fee in that case.

If you can cancel your accommodation, please check "If I can't make a reservation on this plan, I cancel my accommodation".

Hostel Knot
Is it possible to check in after 19:00?
The principle is check-in from 15:00 to 19:00 (Because we want you to make it in time for transportation and some restaurants ). If you are not convenient for it, please make sure to make a reservation payment in advance.
Is it possible to check out before 8 o'clock?
Yes. It is possible.
By 10am, whenever you leave, it is available.
Is there a curfew?
Basically, there is no curfew, and there is no lighting time.
However, there are other guests, so please consider it.
Is the facility non -smoking?
All rooms are non -smoking. We have a smoking area outside the facility, so we ask there.
Can a child stay?
[Reserved dormitory room as private] [Reserved one building as private]
It can be used by children by making a reservation in.
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⚫罠猟基本コース 税抜25000円(税込27500円)到着時間によりお時間は調整出来ます。一例です↓1日目9:00 修善寺駅集合9:15 「狩猟に関する知識」9:30「罠の知識」10:00 獣害の被害状況などを見学11:00 現場偵察および実践12:00 昼飯(費用別となりますがカップラーメンなど軽食はご用意可能です)13:00 他地区へ移動し実践16:00 解散 宿までお送ります。2日目8:00