Snazawa Terrace
The only lodge in Minakami's 18 hot springs "Snazawa Onsen". One building rental, telework, day spa, cafe. A new playground in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture.
【Lodging】Detox with local ingredients. 1 night with 2 meals plan
Shabu-shabu with Gunma barley pork and Minakami mushroomsAt dinner, guests will enjoy shabu-shabu made with local ingredients. Gunma Barley Pork refers to pigs raised on a special fattening feed that
【Lodging】Full enjoyment of hot spring with no meal plan
Dinner is served at an attractive nearby restaurantThere are many delicious restaurants within a 15-minute drive from Sanazawa Terrace.We hope you will enjoy Minakami to the fullest by visiting the ch
【Day trip】Relax in terraced rice paddies Private Sauna Plan
Domestic Barrel SaunaSanazawa terrace uses a domestic barrel sauna made by ONE SAUNA and a sauna stove by METOS. Firewood is made from hardwoods from thinning in Minakami, which you can enjoy along wi
【Chartering a whole building】Plan for a large group of people to rent out the entire hot spring resort
The uses are endlessCorporate training, year-end parties, sports camps, etc...There are infinite ways to use Sanazawa terrace. Our staff will do their best to support you according to your use, so fee
【Chartering a whole building as a end-year party or New Year's party】Plan for a large group of people to rent out the entire hot spring resort
We provide this place as a end-year party venue or New Year's celebration venue.We provide you this place with complimentary drinks, hot spring and sauna.You can relax and enjoy drinking, take a hot s
【一棟貸切】平日限定!1泊2食付 しゃぶしゃぶプラン
【一棟貸切】平日限定!1泊2食付 すき焼きプラン
【一棟貸切】平日限定!1泊2食付 ケータリングプラン