A place to live in harmony with nature


This hotel is located in Nose Town, Osaka Prefecture, and is an old private house that was renovated by ourselves and is open to only one group per day.

We have two types of houses available.

▲Up to 4 people can stay. "Condominium type"

▲Up to 2 people can stay. "Tiny house"

Our accommodation comes with breakfast ingredients. You can make breakfast without using a knife.

We want you to enjoy your stay as if you were living there, so we offer it in this way.

▲The "Condominium type" has a capacity of 6 people and has an island kitchen.
▲Breakfast that can be made with free ingredients.

A "Kura" bar that opens at night

There is a small bar in an old warehouse called "Kura".

This area has famous local sake and sparkling water.

We provide them here.
Alcohol and soft drinks are available.

Maybe you can enjoy communicating with the locals.

firewood bath

There is a very rare wood-fired bath. The water in the bathtub uses natural water that is the pride of this region. Please spend a relaxing time in luxury.


The story of how this inn was created

I got this old house that was vacant.

It took a long time to repair. That was in 2016.

The owner couple are from this town.

When she was in her 20s, her husband Shohei had work experience overseas.

We are a couple who love to travel.

▲scenery from our chestnut orchard

This town is known as the king of Japanese chestnuts, but the population is decreasing and the number of people growing chestnuts is also decreasing. We also work as chestnut farmers to revitalize desolate chestnut mountains.

▲We use cedars and other trees that grew in the chestnut orchard for firewood.

Firewood is made from cedar and other wood cut during the maintenance of the chestnut orchard and used at the inn.

▲I'm making a bath. I learned the structure.

▲The bathtub gets hot, so submerge the "Gesu-ita" board before entering.

This bath uses natural water pumped from the well.

The area has sake breweries and mineral water, so the water is beautiful.

▲We renovated it ourselves

▲I have left the old windows.

Please come and enjoy the simple time in Japan.

Small Hotel TONARI Introduction of the owner couple

Small Hotel Tonari is an inn run by husband Shohei Kobayakawa and wife Mami.

I like traveling. owner of the inn

Illustrator. I draw pictures for Japanese magazines and companies.
IG: _mamitsujimoto

We recommend that you come by car.
We can pick you up at the nearest train station.
From Osaka: JR Kawanishi-Ikeda station in JR Fukuchiyama line.
From Kyoto: JR Kameoka station in JR Sanin main line.
Free parking on premises.
If you have more than 2 cars, please contact us in advance.
Not suitable for children(0-5 age)
Please note that there are sleep stairs and wood-burning stove that can be dangerous for small children.
We will not be responsible for any accidents that may happen during your stay.
No pets
No pets allowed.
No smoking
Smoking is permitted only in the courtyard.
Early check-out
We also provide pick-up and drop-off services, so if you wish to check out early, please contact us in advance.
Recommended places
We introduce recommended places and shops in the surrounding area on Instagram.
Please use this as a reference.
No parties & events
Please do not make a lot of noise especially after 21:00 as this is a residential area.