This is an extraordinary camping facility directly connected to "Doai Station," the largest mole station in Japan. Spring   Melting snow and fresh greenery Summer  Cool and dynamic sound of the river Autumn   Colorful autumn leaves Winter   Surprisingly heavy snowfall With nature changing its expression with each season, we offer "more than extraordinary" experiences.
【Accomodation package 】Standard
Authentic Finnish saunaThis is a "hands-on sauna" where guests can do everything from chopping wood to lighting the fire themselves.In the winter, fluffy powder snow piles up, and instead of a water b
【Accomodation package 】Adventure
Minakami is a mecca for outdoor activities.Minakami is located at the foot of the world famous Mt. Tanigawadake.Minakami is a great place to enjoy the outdoors where you can feel the great outdoors wi
【Accomodation package 】Chartered by all
Everyone can charter the place and the ways to play are endless.Training camps, graduation trips, company trips, reunions, wedding parties, etc...Gather your friends and charter the DOAIVILLAGE to exp
【Day trip package】Sauna
Authentic Finnish saunaThis plan allows you to enjoy the sauna at DOAIVILLAGE on a day trip.You can enjoy the sauna for 2 hours at your leisure.The water bath at DOAIVILLAGE is Minakami water nurtured