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Shima Hotel Yoron island

Welcome to Shima Hotel - Your Private Oasis on Yoron Island!

Discover the Enchanting Charms:

Enjoy Nature's Tranquility: Tucked away from the bustling city, Shima Hotel offers a secluded sanctuary surrounded by pristine nature. Nestled next to a picturesque fishing port and a stunning beach, you'll find the ocean right at your fingertips. Experience the breathtaking sunsets from our outdoor terrace, a vantage point exclusively reserved for one lucky group each day. Here, you'll find a captivating panorama that will leave you in awe.

Experience "Island Time": Have you ever felt time slowing down while on an island, allowing you to truly relax and savor every moment? We call it "island time," and at Shima Hotel, we embrace this unique concept. Whether you want to dip into the sea, go fishing, or simply unwind with a good book while gazing at the ocean, our exclusive one-group-per-day accommodation grants you the freedom to embrace a leisurely and liberating stay.

Comfort with a Personal Touch: We value communication with our guests, but we also understand the importance of cherishing your private moments during your stay. While we are not full-time residents, we are present during breakfast and activities to provide support and ensure you have a wonderful experience. Feel free to ask us anything about the island or any other inquiries you may have.

Explore Yoron Island:

Yoron Island, home to approximately 5,000 people, is often hailed as the "Oriental Pearl" due to its translucent seas that captivate all who visit. This charming island is entirely surrounded by coral reefs, embracing pristine white sandy beaches within. The high transparency of the waters gives rise to the mesmerizing emerald green sea you'll encounter. While many resort destinations boast beautiful seas, Yoron Island holds a genuine allure with its untouched natural beauty.


Your Home Away from Home:

□Accommodation Type: Entire Retreat for Exclusive Use
□Bed Sizes: 5 Semi-double beds (+2 sets of extra futons)
□Maximum Capacity: Up to 7 guests
□Amenities: We provide shampoo, towels, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, a hairdryer, projector, and a washer-dryer for your convenience.
□Fully Equipped Kitchen: Cookware, utensils, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, electric kettle, and more - everything you need to make yourself at home.

The panoramic ocean view bedroom boasts a full-wall window showcasing the Yoron Blue Sea. With the changing colors of the sea from morning to afternoon to sunset, it's a front-row seat to nature's spectacle. Smart electric roll-up blinds make light control a breeze with a dedicated tablet for your convenience. Sink into our plush beds and relish in the splendor of the Yoron Blue Sea before your very eyes.

Our owner meticulously crafted the spacious bathroom, twice the size of a typical unit bath, to create a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. We recommend bathing in the dimmed lights to enjoy the starry sky while immersed in the bathtub - an experience like no other. The handcrafted kitchen also offers a stunning ocean view, making cooking an enjoyable affair.

Terrace (Inside/Outside):
Adjacent to the charming tiled roof bedroom is our panoramic ocean view terrace, a serene living space where you can unwind. It also doubles as our reception area, where you can enjoy our Welcome Café on the day of check-in. The outdoor terrace invites you to savor the refreshing sea breeze and immerse yourself in the Yoron Blue Sea. Whether during the cool mornings or at sunset, our infinity chairs and hammocks provide the perfect escape for moments of pure bliss.


Experience What Shima Hotel Has to Offer:

Welcome Cafe & Bar:

After a long journey, we want you to relax in this breathtaking setting during the early evening of your first day. To achieve this, we have introduced a Cafe & Bar on the premises. We value your private space, so the operating hours are limited to 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM on the check-in day. However, we can arrange daily openings based on your requests, so feel free to let us know. We offer coffee, beer, wine, and other soft drinks for your enjoyment (additional charges apply).

Fishing Experience (Complimentary):

In the spirit of embracing "island time," we offer a casual fishing experience that doesn't require prior reservations. Using bait such as shrimp and squid, you can enjoy fishing at the neighboring fishing port. The high transparency of Yoron Island's waters allows you to witness fish playfully nibbling at the bait, providing a sensation similar to being in a natural aquarium. We will provide fishing guidance, so beginners and children are welcome to participate.

Marine Activities:

Shima Hotel is conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from the Yoron Blue Sea. You can indulge in beach activities and return to the comfort of your room without worrying about changing or dirtying your rental car. For your convenience, we offer a limited quantity of free rental items, including snorkeling goggles, life jackets, and floatation devices. Please check availability in advance. Please note that the private beach is accessible only during low tide.


BBQ Plans:

【Premium BBQ】Leave Everything to Us
No hassle of preparation, cleanup, or adjusting charcoal.
Our experienced staff will cook the BBQ to perfection, ensuring a delicious meal.Enjoy the rare Yoron Beef (※) as part of your BBQ experience.

Yoron Beef Set: 6,000 yen per person
(※The photo shows a set for 2 people)
+ Total Service Fee: 15,000 yen
For example, for 4 people, the total is 39,000 yen.

The photo includes Sirloin, Zabuton (Chuck Flap), Harami (Skirt Steak), Seasoned Chicken Thigh, and a variety of vegetables.
※The meat cuts and vegetables may vary depending on availability.
※Due to limited production, there may be times when Yoron Beef is unavailable. Please understand in advance.

【Private BBQ】Enjoy at Your Own Pace

Cook at your preferred pace and level of doneness.
No hassle of preparation (BBQ stove and charcoal are provided).
Some cleanup required (dishwashing is necessary).
Cleanup of the BBQ stove is easy; just close the lid.
(No need to wash the grill)

Private BBQ Set: 3,500 yen per person

(The photo shows a set for 2 people)
※The meat cuts and vegetables may vary depending on availability.

In summary,
Premium BBQ: Leave everything to us, and enjoy Yoron Beef.
Private BBQ: Cook and enjoy the experience yourselves.
Even with the self-service Private BBQ, cleanup is made simple by closing the lid of the BBQ stove, and you can use the dishwasher in your room's kitchen for the dishes, making cleanup hassle-free.

※You can also bring your own ingredients for BBQ.
Rental of equipment only: 3,000 yen.

【What is Yoron Beef?】
Yoron Island, with a population of approximately 5,000 people, has more cattle than human residents, indicating the thriving livestock industry on the island. Most of the cattle are shipped outside the island and raised as famous brand beef in various regions (some Yoron cattle are known to be part of renowned brands like Matsusaka beef and A5/A4-grade black wagyu). However, as a result, locally produced beef was not readily available on the island.

【BBQ Information】
・In case of strong winds or heavy rain, the BBQ may be canceled or rescheduled.
・Salt, sauce, and soy sauce are provided.
・You can purchase ingredients other than those on the menu (such as fish or yakisoba) at a nearby supermarket.
・You are welcome to use the kitchenware in your room's kitchen for serving and eating.

Come and experience Shima Hotel, where nature's beauty meets unmatched comfort. Allow us to whisk you away to an unforgettable retreat on Yoron Island. Book now and embark on an extraordinary journey of relaxation!I

Shima Hotel Yoron island
Is the facility non-smoking?
Smoking is not permitted in the entire facility. If you wish to smoke, please smoke outside the facility, as ashtrays will be provided at the check-in counter.
Site precautions
There are many large rocks, plants, and dangerous rock formations on the Shima Hotel grounds. Please be careful when playing on the grounds, as you will be informed of the off-limits areas and precautions upon check-in.
Reservations for BBQ
We will contact you by e-mail about 1 month to 2 weeks prior to your stay to confirm your pre-stay information. Please let us know if you will be using a BBQ, etc. at that time.
When will my card be debited for pre-payment?
The flow of the pre-payment process is as follows
1/ Booking
2/ Secure payment ... 55 days before check-in date
3/ Actual billing ... On the day of check-in
*If the reservation is made within 55 days of the check-in date at the time of reservation, a payment slot will be secured at the same time as the reservation.

*If there is a problem with the payment frame, etc., the reservation will be automatically cancelled 55 days prior to the check-in date.
*If you use a debit card, the schedule may differ from the above.
Cancellation due to the typhoon
No cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation due to cancellation of a flight or ferry you are scheduled to board. (Conditional service is not applicable.)
2024.07~09 Summer Plan
Experience the Best of Yoron Island in Summer - Unparalleled Seas, Sunsets, and Stars.Embrace the extravagance of nature during this special season that brings together all the delights Yoron Island h