Yamabe County, Yamazoe Village, ・NARA
ume, is a resort in the eastern corner of Yamazoe village, Nara. It is made up of only three rooms, made in the reformed house of the former village mayor located at the top of a small hamlet. Many people who would not normally interact are brought together as come in search of this environment. Here, they can look out from the mountaintop at the faces of nature as they change with the seasons, the days, and the hours. At ume,yamazoe, an unexpected something is born every moment.
1 night with 2 meals plan
3-group limit per day hotel - ume,yamazoe -Experience “now”, your existence in harmony with nature, through people, food, and our hotel…◆PlanNatural Japanese-style food (Washoku) 2 meal (dinner and br
◆お知らせ◆2023年1月~2月限定で、施設内工事に伴いオペレーションを変更し、通常月の11:30~14:00のプランに加え、14:30~17:00のプランを増枠しております。この期間内にお越しのお客様は、サウナBBQ後も母屋でゆっくりとume,を楽しんでいただければと思っています☕ふだんお越しいただけなかった方も、ぜひこの機会にお越しくださいませ。プライベートサウナ “ume,sauna“で整い