Guest Living Mu 南紀白浜
Your journey begins from Nanki Shirahama"simple & flexible hostel"
コンドミニアム スタンダードプラン
The white sandy beach, emerald green sea, and the most beautiful bow-shaped white sand beach in both summer and winter "Shirarahama" is about 5 minutes away on foot.In addition to the ocean and hot sp
コンドミニアム ロングステイプラン
"Get away from everyday life and enjoy Kinan at Nanki Shirahama."You've come all this way to Shirahama, and you're done enjoying the ocean and Adventure World ?Have you walked the Kumano Kodo? How abo
ドミトリー スタンダードプラン
For those who come to Shirahama for business or activities or else, all you need is a place to sleep...This is the best reasonable plan for such a solo traveler.Even though it's reasonable, it include
ドミトリー ロングステイプラン
There's so much to see in Nanki!Do you want to go around Nanki based on Shirahama?With Shirahama as your base, complete with airport, JR, and expressway, let's walk the Kumano Kodo today, and visit Ku
ワーケーション ウィークリープラン
"Get away from everyday life and balance work and play in Nanki-Shirahama."The facility is equipped with a co-work space, so you can switch on and off!When you get tired of work... take a refreshing d