A lifestyle hotel in the northern part of Ishigaki Island where travel and daily life circulate.

Discover your sensation

Listen to the evening calm. A forgotten emotion tells you something.

Touch the night air. Time to catch a little light found in the margins of tranquility.

Play by the waves. Before you know it, your boundaries melt away.

The scent of a sudden rain. Distant memories and landscapes give color to the moment.

Weaving with the island's nature and the five senses, this is a journey into your own daily life.

Evoke your senses and rediscover everyday life.

When I was exposed to the magnificent nature of northern Ishigaki Island and immersed myself in the lives of the people who live there, I felt a sense of comfort that was both foreign and familiar.

I felt a sense of comfort that was both somehow exotic and at the same time like home.

It is this realization that travel is not about consuming scheduled, extraordinary experiences, but rather about the circulation of experiences and small discoveries that are an extension of daily life.

We thought it was an experience that would circulate in our daily lives and rediscover our own senses.

MEGURU , as an intermediary of the experience of being in touch with nature on the island, will bring awareness to our daily lives by evoking the "original senses," the senses that each of us has.

Nestled in the midst of immaculate nature and a small village.

MEGURU was renovated from a former pension building. Inspired by the changing landscape of Yaeyama, the architectural space is designed to stimulate the senses with a primitive experience in a minimalist setting with a sense of materiality.

Receive something from the tactile space.

The minimalist composition of fundamental materials such as wood, steel, and concrete creates a blank space in which visitors can feel the subtle nature of the Yaeyama landscape, the sounds of the environment, and the shifting of wind and waves.

The blue sea of Ishigaki stretches beyond the paths of the village and the sugar cane fields, where you can watch the island's life and the ever-changing ebb and flow of the sea and its colors.

View from the guest room

Things that accompany you in your daily life.

MEGURU|The amenities and fixtures in the guest rooms are designed to avoid environmental impact as much as possible, and are daily necessities that will live on even after the guests have become consumers.

The items are selected not only for use in one's own life, but also as gifts to be given to loved ones, so they are not simply consumed.

MEGURU|We have positioned the brands that provide amenities and equipment for our tours as "Life style Partners," companions in our daily lives, and have introduced simple designs that can be used repeatedly and that take root in our daily lives.

<Miyo Organic toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.><IKEUCHI ORGANIC towels>
<Green Natural shampoo>
<Pajamas by NOWHAW>

Kakimori stationery that expands the pleasure and joy of writing

Writing letters. Writing is the act of spelling out your thoughts. It is precisely because we now have a medium that makes it easy to send letters to people that it has become an act of elegance.

Kakimori's dipping pens and original "MEGURU|Tsugi" inks, which are created from the changing colors of the islands, offer the joy and charm of writing.

Encountering Sound and Environment with Kankyo Records Cassette Tapes

Kankyo Records carefully selects ambient and new age music from around the world with the theme of "listening in the living environment. The curation of music inspired by the sounds of nature is designed to create an experience of coming and going between life and nature through sound.
We hope you will enjoy the analog feel of the music and the accidental encounters with music.

Vision Glass, with its simple shape and beautiful transparency

Light to the touch, yet sturdy, this glass is at home in a variety of everyday situations. The sound of the ice dancing when water is poured into the glass makes you feel the moisture to your ears.

Glass that has life in it

Made by Oyabumiyo, these glass pieces seem as if each has its own emotion and expression. They are placed in the lamps in the lounge and the shades in the guest rooms, creating an organic space. Each piece has its own complexion, so please pick one up and take a look.

Scattered gimmicks of the five senses

We trace the lore and history of the Yaeyama Islands, where untouched nature still remains, and put them into various items. We would be happy if they could trigger your awareness of "something.

Postcards with island memories
Key holders inspired by the hieroglyphs (Kaida script) handed down in Yaeyama.
Dried potpourri made from island herbs and tea leaves.
The names of the rooms, like the key holders, are given words and shapes derived from the dialect of the Yaeyama Islands.

An original experience of food that fits in with daily life.

A restaurant called "Nichi-Jo Sahan-Goto" is located on the first floor.

Everyday life" is "living" itself.
It is a simple way of doing things that we take for granted, and brings a richness to our lives.

The Japanese rice dish, "ippushi-ichi-nai," is based on the Japanese rice dish.
Tea" is a way of preparing the mind and body and savoring it with all five senses.

We offer "rice" and "tea" that make the most of local ingredients while reflecting on daily meals through a universal style that fits in with any landscape.

One day, "Nichi-Jo Sahan-Goto"

Northern nature, enchanted.

Bird's-eye view of the calm ocean. The deep blue and the gradation of light reflected on the surface of the water.
MEGURU original map with wonderful stores, scenic spots and historical sites unique to Ishigaki Island.
Experiences and small discoveries that are an extension of your daily life, using your five senses, will make your trip unique to you.
The azure sea is called Kabira blue.
Let yourself be swept away by the heart-warming purity of nature....
Unintentionally go barefoot and touch the water. The soft coolness of the water makes you feel its gentleness.
The majestic towering Yaeyama palms. You can hear the sound of leaves blocking out the sound of rain.
We feel the preciousness and ruggedness of untouched nature.
We  feel as if some sleeping heartbeat has begun to beat.
The azure of the jade creeper, a color so deep it is hard to believe it is of this world.
Memories that live on the island.The Hirakubozaki Lighthouse, shaking a distant memory

We feel that the scenery you see in Ishigaki Island has pieces of condensed memories.

We sincerely hope that everyone will be able to feel the scenery as it is in their hearts, and that it will be returned to their daily lives.
We sincerely hope that this tour will be such a wonderful one.

Immaculate nature is accompanied by birdsong....

The yabbies and grasslands are home to a wide variety of creatures, and many geckoes, spiders, and other living creatures can be seen. Sometimes, they make their rounds to greet visitors to the MEGURU|Petrol site, and we hope that you will keep a broad and warm heart. (If you are not comfortable with these creatures, please do not hesitate to ask.)

Is the facility non-smoking?
In principle, smoking is not permitted inside the facility (please refrain from smoking on the balcony). (Please refrain from smoking on the balcony.) There is a smoking area outside.
Is there a laundromat available?
There is a fully automatic washing machine and dryer. Guests are free to use them. Detergent is also available. Please feel free to use them. (Available from 7:00~10:00, 15:00~22:00)
Do you have lounge or terrace hours?
Both the lounge and terrace are available until 21:00. Due to the hotel's location in a village area, noise that may disturb neighbors will not be permitted after 9:00 p.m.
Do you sell or provide medications in your hotel?
For legal reasons, the hotel does not have any medicines on hand. Please prepare them before your trip or purchase them at the hospital or pharmacy. Thank you for your understanding.
Storage of Valuables
We ask that customers manage their own money.
Are there vending machines available?
There are no drink vending machines in the hotel. Please use the vending machine near the hotel (about 2 minutes' walk).
Is it possible to accommodate my dietary restrictions?
We will do our best to accommodate food allergies and other doctor-diagnosed dietary restrictions. Please call us in advance if you wish to request such accommodations. Since the kitchen handles menu items containing other allergens, there is a possibility that a small amount of allergens may be mixed in during the processing or cooking process. Also, the same cooking and cleaning equipment is used as for other menus. Please understand this beforehand.
Do I need to make advance reservations for dinner and breakfast?
Due to the procurement and preparation of ingredients, we ask that you make reservations in advance. Please apply for the accommodation plan at the time of reservation, or call us at least 2 days in advance if you would like to add a meal.
Can you provide a cake or bouquet of flowers for the celebration?
We accept reservations in advance. Please call us at least one week prior to your stay to request details.
Is there parking available?
There are parking lots next to the hotel and along the road for the exclusive use of guests.
Do you provide transportation from the airport to the hotel?
We do not offer a pick-up service. Please use a rental car, cab, or local bus.
What transportation is available from the airport to the hotel?
The main modes of transportation are rental cars, cabs, or local buses.

We recommend that you reserve a rental car in advance. Please note that car rentals may not be available on the day of your arrival during peak season. Due to the hotel's location, the hotel does not make reservations for rental cars, nor does it dispatch or return cars. We recommend you to reserve a rental car in advance and return the car at Ishigaki Airport.

Cab: *Takes about 25 minutes and costs about 3,000 yen.

Please take Higashi Unyu Co. route bus (Yonehara Campsite Route (down)) (departing at 12:00 or 15:00) and get off at "Yoshiwara". For more information, including timetables, please visit the following website. (
Where is the hospital near the hotel?
Okinawa Prefectural Yaeyama Hospital is located approximately 25 minutes away by car. 732 Aza-Ohkawa, Ishigaki City, Okinawa 907-0022, Japan TEL: 0980-83-2525* Nighttime emergency outpatient services are also available.
Are there any restaurants or convenience stores near the hotel?
There is a store called "Karimata Store" about 2 minutes walking distance from the hotel. There are no convenience stores north of Ishigaki Airport. There are 24-hour convenience stores and supermarkets in the city center about 25 minutes drive from the hotel.
Is there an ATM corner?
We can direct you to a bank, post office, and convenience store about 25 minutes away by car. We also recommend that you use the airport when you arrive.
Is the beach close by?
The Yoshiwara Beach is about an 8-minute walk from the hotel, but it is not a swimming beach. We recommend Yonehara Beach (5 minutes by car from the hotel) and Sukuji Beach (10 minutes by car from the hotel) as nearby beaches.
When is the swimming season?
The beach opening of Ishigaki Island is scheduled in late March every year, and the swimming season is from mid-April to October, and you can swim even in November when the weather is fine.
Are towels available for rent?
Beach towels are available for guests free of charge. Please ask at the front desk.
Can I leave my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Please feel free to ask at the front desk.
Do you have barrier-free rooms?
We do not have a barrier-free room and will assist you to the extent possible.
Can the rooms be next to each other?
If you would like a room next door, please make a request at the time of reservation or call us in advance. We will try our best to accommodate you in the room next door. However, please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the availability on the day of your reservation.
What is the maximum number of people that can stay in one room?
Maximum of 2 adults per room; children under 12 years old may stay with 2 adults.
What amenities are available in the room?
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothpaste paper, cotton, and cotton swabs are provided in the room. Bath towels, face towels, and a hair dryer are also available in your room. Hairbrushes can be rented at the front desk.
Are there televisions in the guest rooms?
We do not provide televisions in our guest rooms so that guests can enjoy all five senses during their trip.
Can I use the Internet in my room?
Free Wi-fi is available in the hotel and in each guest room. Please note that the connection speed may be unstable or unavailable due to typhoons or bad weather.
Can I check in early or check out late?
Please note that we may be able to offer you a room depending on the room situation on the day of your stay. Please inquire on the day of your stay. If you wish to check out late, we charge 2,000 yen per hour (maximum 1 hour).
Can I stay with my pet?
We are sorry, but we do not allow pets to stay at the hotel. We can provide a separate pet hotel. Please inquire in advance if you wish to stay with your pet.
Can I pay the settlement by credit card?
Cash, credit cards, e-money, and QR payments are accepted on site.