takka plan

This plan allows guests to cook and enjoy their own meals in the "takka" kitchen lounge located in the cocoon facility.

The kitchen lounge staff can help guests with menu planning and cooking, so even those who are not confident in their cooking skills can make reservations.

The kitchen lounge, the setting for this plan, has three kitchen areas centered around the fireplace, where you can enjoy cooking over a wood fire or cooking over a fireplace, The kitchen lounge, the setting for this plan, has three kitchen compartments centered around the fireplace.

Included in this plan

①Use of kitchen facilities and cooking utensils (1 plot per couple)

Available hours/17:00-21:00, 7:00-10:00 the next morning (21:00-23:00 and 10:00-11:00 the next morning will be the kitchen lounge for non-takka plan guests)

2) Use of tableware and dining table set (one set per couple)

③Use of fireplace for cooking (shared use)

④Use of agricultural products (unlimited use of locally produced foods such as vegetables, herbs, heirloom eggs, vegetables and rice from nearby farmers, etc. picked onsite)

⑤ Seasonings, dried foods, and spices (sugar, salt, rice vinegar, soy sauce, miso, mirin, cooking sake, cooking wine, salad oil, olive oil, sesame oil, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, honey, dried sardines, kelp, dried bonito flakes, dried shiitake mushrooms, wheat flour, potato starch, hawk claws, sesame, black pepper, pink pepper, and kupu) (black pepper, pink pepper, cumin, cilantro seed, fennel seed, allspice, star anise/octagon, clove, cinnamon, chili powder, paprika powder, turmeric, hoja-jao-hua-jiao, pepper)

⑥Participation in farm tours (advance reservation required / cancelled in stormy weather)

⑦ Recommended seasonal recipes

⑧Use of Jichu Library 17:00~11:00 the next day

Optional additions

①Special ingredients (cheese, gibier meat, chef's handmade pasta, etc.)

②Ingredient set (with recipes)

Items available for purchase in KURKKU FIELDS on the day of your stay

(1) Charcuterie (processed meat)/Sausages, ham, terrine, etc. at the on-site charcuterie (open 10:00-17:00)

Bread: Bread, baguettes, croissants, etc. sold at the bakery (open 10:00-17:00)

3) Sweets: Chiffon cakes, puddings, financiers, etc. at Chiffon (open 10:00-17:00)

4) Drinks: Craft beer, natural wine, 100% juice, etc. at takka in the cocoon area (open 7:00-23:00)

5) Food: Dried pasta noodles, tomato puree, gibier meat (block/sliced/minced), sausages, bacon, seaweed, marshmallows, chocolates, etc. at takka in cocoon area (open from 7:00 to 23:00)

▲The fireplace, designed by Akira Minagawa, is the centerpiece of the building, and the kitchen and dining table are lined up in three sections.

Kitchen equipment and cooking utensils with attention to detail

The kitchen equipment is designed for cooking with farm ingredients, and the cooking utensils are simple and skillful.

Boil, simmer, steam, bake, fry, deep-fry, oven, and cook rice. The kitchen is sufficient for basic cooking.

Dishes made by ceramic artists and glassware made by glass blowers also add a subtle touch to the dishes.

▲A complete line of easy-to-use and thoughtful cooking utensils, mainly made with traditional Japanese techniques.
▲Available tools for grating herbs, grating vegetables, and other unique farm kitchen tools.

Cooking over a wood fire in the fireplace with a lecture by a staff member

Enjoy wood-fired cooking, a rare experience, with a lecture from our resident staff. The flavor of the food is brought out by the slow fire, and the aroma of the firewood and simple seasoning make the food a unique treat.

▲Slowly cooked vegetables are surprisingly sweet.

Use as much of the vegetables and heirloom eggs from the farm as you can eat!

One of the attractions of the takka plan is that you can use as many vegetables from the farm in KURKKU FIELDS as you like. Freshly picked seasonal vegetables and vegetables whose sweetness has been enhanced by storage are colorfully arranged on the shelves. Rice and vegetables grown with great care by nearby farmers also join them.

Eggs are collected every morning at the company's own poultry farm, and are special eggs laid by healthy hens fed on in-house formula feed and raised on flat-fed poultry farms.

▲Seasonal vegetables harvested from their own farms, eggs from their own poultry farms, and rice from nearby farmers can be used freely.

KURKKU FIELDS and cocoon are dedicated to the themes of "organic" and "sustainable". For this reason, we do not allow cup noodles, fast food, and other food items, or beverages, including plastic bottled beverages, to be brought into the building.

We also ask that you do not bring any food items into the takka plan kitchen, as we want you to enjoy cooking with organic and locally grown ingredients. Please enjoy your meal with the ingredients included in the plan, those you pre-ordered, or those available for purchase in KURKKU FIELDS.

*This does not apply in the case of bringing in eco-friendly bottles, allergies, baby food, etc.

*Please consult us in advance if you have special circumstances, such as wine to celebrate an anniversary.

Don't miss the farm tour where you can also harvest vegetables and herbs.

In the farm tour, you can go to the fields and enjoy harvesting vegetables that can only be picked on that day and at that time of the year, as much as you want to eat.

In addition to vegetables, you can also pick herbs for cooking and bathing.

KURKKU FIELDS also offers a variety of other sustainable recycling systems, which you can learn about during the tour.

We hope you will join us.

Special Ingredients with Advance Reservations

Among the ingredients produced at KURKKU FIELDS, those that are not sold in limited quantities or on a daily basis can be reserved in advance as an option.

Fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese by cheesemaker Takeshima, delivered fresh every morning, is available in limited quantities, one per person. It is a must-try item.

Wild game meat such as wild boar and deer is also an optional ingredient. All wild boar and deer are caught in the vicinity of KURKKU FIELDS, and are carefully cut and processed at the company's own dismantling plant. The meat is sliced for pots and pans, cut for stir-fried or grilled meat, minced for hamburgers or pasta sauce, and roasted over a wood fire. For hamburgers and pasta sauce, "minced" is recommended, and "block" is recommended for roasting or stewing over a wood fire.

▲Buffalo mozzarella cheese, handmade one by one from buffalo milk that is milked every morning at 4:00 a.m.
Carefully processed wild boar and deer meat has a strong flavor, not a bad smell.

Purchase of foodstuffs at various stores on site is also recommended

In addition to the food prepared in advance, we recommend purchasing additional ingredients at the on-site stores. All products are made by the primary industry in KURKKU FIELDS and will enrich your meal at takka.

The bread, which also contains wheat produced and milled in-house, is often sold out in the evening, so be sure to buy it early (open 10:00-17:00).
Chiffon cakes and puddings made with eggs from their own chicken farm and milk from Brown Swiss cows grazing right in front of cocoon are recommended for dessert after dinner (open 10:00-17:00).
The corner store in the Kitchen Lounge takka offers craft beer, natural wine, 100% juice and other beverages, as well as basic processed meats such as ham, bacon and sausages, and canned olives and tomatoes for "just one more dish" (open 7:00-23:00). Open 7:00-23:00)

Seasonal recipes recommended by the staff are also available for reference.

By planning the menu for the day's meal based on the ingredients you have reserved in advance and the information on seasonal vegetables provided by KURKKU FIELDS, you can have an exciting time even before your stay at cocoon.

Even if you don't have a specific menu or recipe in mind, there are recipe books available and recipes recommended by our staff.

You can also ask the staff stationed in the kitchen lounge to help you plan your menu or cook for you.

Time to think at the "Library in the Earth" to enrich your mind

Guests can use the library from 17:00 to 11:00 the next day.

After a hearty dinner or in the quiet morning hours, we recommend that you take a short walk from cocoon, pick up a book at the "Library in the Earth" and spend some peaceful and relaxing time.

The bookshelves are arranged like strata in the "Library in the Earth" and the experience of reading a book in a space that seems to exist as part of the earth will be a special time in which the words will soak into your body more than usual and your thoughts will be enriched and cultivated.

The sauna, which you can enjoy before meals or in the morning, is reserved for one group at a time and is an authentic Finnish-style sauna using wood. Original Vihita using herbs and fragrant woods picked onsite, as well as a wax bath, are also available. Outside, there is a wooden deck equipped with a water bath where you can enjoy outdoor air bathing, and a natural pool surrounded by plantings, allowing you to enjoy a special sauna experience in the midst of nature.

Requests for using our facility
*We ask that food and beverages (including cup noodles, snacks, and bottled beverages) are not brought into our facility, and that guests who use the takka plan are not allowed to bring in food items. (Baby food and food with food allergies can be brought in.)

We do not provide disposable amenities except toothbrushes and cotton swabs. Please bring your own if you need.

We do not provide nightclothes.

cocoon area is surrounded by forests and fields. It is also a home for insects. If insects or other insects enter your room, please notify our staff.

We do not have a lights-out time, but please be aware of noise, especially late at night and do not disturb other guests.

Smoking is not permitted in the cocoon area. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated smoking area.

*Container furniture and fixtures in the room are not allowed to be taken out.

*Customers are responsible for any damage to incidental facilities or furniture, or loss of room key.

*If the facilities are found to be extremely dirty or damaged, you may be charged for additional cleaning and repairs.

We will do our best, but cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries caused by natural disasters, insects, or animals.

We cannot be held responsible for any problems that may occur between customers or between cars.
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