katakuri house
This is an accommodation facility that has been renovated from a primary school that once watched over the local children in the remote Akiyamago area spanning Niigata and Nagano prefectures, which can become isolated due to heavy snowfall during the winter season. Young staff who were fascinated by the rich nature and history and moved to this area serve unique mountain cuisine using ingredients that are filled with the blessings of nature, with carefully thought-out menus.
Snowy Wilderness, Akiyamago "Limited Winter Opening"
Nestled in a snow-covered terrain once exempted from compulsory education by the government, the remote and pristine Akiyama Village.We have prepared a limited 3-weekend (7-day) accommodation plan for
【 Accommodation】A creative cuisine plan with two meals included per night.【Niigata welcome campaign!!¥5,000 OFF】
The cuisine at the inn is made using plenty of mountain vegetables and other vegetables. We strive to create dishes that balance taste, color, and nutrition, while allowing you to savor the flavors of
【 Accommodation】Stay at an Abandoned School Guesthouse! Room-Only Plan.【Niigata welcome campaign!!¥2,500~¥5,000 OFF】
Located at the gateway to the remote and secluded Echigo-Akayama region, this inn is a renovated former elementary school that maintains harmony with the surrounding nature. Situated in the heart of t
【 Accommodation】Freshly cooked A healthy breakfast plan with one night accommodation including breakfast.【Niigata welcome campaign!!¥2,500~¥5,000 OFF】
We offer our own unique take on local dishes from Tsunan town, and we also learn from the village mothers to create flavors that can only be experienced at our inn.All of our dishes, from the main cou