【Activity】Ketto stone rice fields Night Hiking
katakuri house

This is a plan for a night hike at the Ketto stone rice fields, selected as one of Japan's Top 100 Rural Landscapes.

We will walk through the Ketto stone rice fields, located behind the Katakuri Inn, with flashlights in the darkness.

Let's go and experience the creatures, sounds, and air that can only be encountered at night.

Your senses will gradually sharpen, and you should be able to see various things. On clear nights, you can also enjoy a starry sky.

[Implementation period] October 1st (Sunday) - November 30th (Thursday) *Excluding regular holidays

[Price]Adults: 3,000 yen / Elementary school students: 1,000 yen / Infants: Free

[Hiking Level] ★☆☆☆☆ Beginner-friendly

[Time] 19:30-21:00 (except Wednesdays)

[Itinerary] Katakuri Inn → Ketto stone rice fields (round trip: 2 km)


  • Please wear comfortable and easy-to-clean clothes(please prepare clothing that allows for temperature adjustment and can be taken off if needed)

  • Athletic shoes

[Items to Bring]

  • Backpack (it's safer to have both hands free for walking at night)

  • Drinks

※The tour will be canceled in case of rain.

● Reservation Information

This plan is for day trips.

If you wish to stay overnight, please make a separate reservation for our regular accommodation plan.

katakuri house
Is the facility non-smoking?
Yes, all rooms are non-smoking. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated outdoor smoking area.
Do you have parking facilities?
Yes, we have parking space available for approximately 10 cars.
Bringing your own items into the rooms
Generally, we kindly ask our guests to refrain from bringing their own alcoholic beverages.
Regarding Noise
As this accommodation is a renovated wooden school building, sound may carry. We appreciate your understanding.
As our facility is located in the mountains, insects may occasionally enter. We appreciate your understanding.
Regarding children aged 2 and under without meals or futons, who will share the bed
Please press the 'Accompanying Bed' button next to the age on the reservation page. In the case of accompanying bed, the charge will be 1800 yen per person.
Regarding Bath Tax and Heating Fee
A separate bath tax of 100 yen will be charged locally (for adults only).

During the winter season from November to April, there is an additional heating fee of 500 yen per room.
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