Snowy Wilderness, Akiyamago "Limited Winter Opening"
katakuri house

Nestled in a snow-covered terrain once exempted from compulsory education by the government, the remote and pristine Akiyama Village.

We have prepared a limited 3-weekend (7-day) accommodation plan for experiencing the winter of Akiyama Village.

The following day, a local guide will lead you to Mikura Bridge, known as a location in the movie "Yureru."

(*Snowshoe Experience: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM)

Strap on snowshoes and take a stroll through the pristine white snow. Enjoy a special moment experiencing one of the world's leading snow-covered regions.

[Opening Schedule]


February 22 (Thursday), 23 (Friday), 24 (Saturday)

March 1 (Friday), 2 (Saturday), 8 (Friday), 9 (Saturday)

"The Winter Scene of Mikurabridge"

For dinner, we will prepare a generous mushroom hot pot featuring local Tsumari pork and large mushrooms.

Our cuisine, crafted with locally sourced vegetables, is served with heartfelt hospitality to ensure you thoroughly enjoy your important meal.

Regarding allergies:

Soba seeds are often used in our dishes. If you have a buckwheat allergy, please inform us when making your reservation. We will do our best to accommodate other allergies as well, so please contact us when making your reservation.

Location and meal starting time:

Meals will be served in the first-floor dining room. You can choose to start your dinner at 18:00 or 18:30, and breakfast at 7:30 or 8:00.

When arriving by car, please ensure that your vehicle is equipped with 4WD and studded tires.

katakuri house
Is the facility non-smoking?
Yes, all rooms are non-smoking. If you wish to smoke, please use the designated outdoor smoking area.
Do you have parking facilities?
Yes, we have parking space available for approximately 10 cars.
Bringing your own items into the rooms
Generally, we kindly ask our guests to refrain from bringing their own alcoholic beverages.
Regarding Noise
As this accommodation is a renovated wooden school building, sound may carry. We appreciate your understanding.
As our facility is located in the mountains, insects may occasionally enter. We appreciate your understanding.
Regarding children aged 2 and under without meals or futons, who will share the bed
Please press the 'Accompanying Bed' button next to the age on the reservation page. In the case of accompanying bed, the charge will be 1800 yen per person.
Regarding Bath Tax and Heating Fee
A separate bath tax of 100 yen will be charged locally (for adults only).

During the winter season from November to April, there is an additional heating fee of 500 yen per room.
About WiFi
As our facility is located deep in the mountains, there is no fiber-optic connection available.
Please note that WiFi may be unstable at times.
Regarding lost items
We will keep lost items at the inn for a period of one month. Any items left beyond this period will be disposed of.
Please be aware of this policy.
【 Accommodation】A creative cuisine plan with two meals included per night.【with a morinig walk】
The cuisine at the inn is made using plenty of mountain vegetables and other vegetables. We strive to create dishes that balance taste, color, and nutrition, while allowing you to savor the flavors of