Landform workshop cottage Keihoku
In the town of Keihokucho, Kyoto, we offer the best accommodation space and an experience of making things in the furniture workshop attached to the hotel.
Standard Course
The Standard Plan is perfect for those who prefer to spend time alone with their guests without being disturbed.There are many ways to spend your time, such as relaxing with just your family or taking
Furniture Making Beginner Course
Make handicraft with your children that they can use in their daily lives.
If you can spend some time with your children during summer vacation, you can make memories together, and you can also make t
Original Furniture Making Course
Next to LANDFORM is a furniture workshop called pivoto.pivoto is a furniture workshop that produces both general furniture such as chairs and tables, as well as large furniture such as kitchens and wa
Fukujo Daisugi (a group of giant cedars) Exploration Tour Course
Fukujo daisugi (a group of giant cedars)This is a tour course of the Fukujo daisugi in Katanami, one of the most famous places in Keihoku.Fukujo daisugi cedars are giant cedars that have grown into gi
Keihoku Forestry Experience Course
Keihoku is a major producer of Kitayama logs and cypress.Therefore, you can see many forest plantations.In the Forestry Experience Course, you can actually go into the mountains to learn about trees a