NIPPONIA Miyama Tsurugaoka Mountain Village
The ultimate countryside, you may feel "I want to live here someday, and I want to continue to live here." This village is like the one.
Ultimate Rural Experience Arrangement Plan] Tailor-made by concierge
We welcome guests staying at NIPPONIA Miyama Tsurugaoka Mountain Village as villagers for a day in the Miyama-cho Tsurugaoka area.We have prepared a variety of experience menus for you to experience t
Dinner and Breakfast included (Dinner at a rural restaurant)
Enjoy the rich culinary culture, overflowing with delicacies from the mountains and the sea.In Tsurugaoka Miyama, which is also close to Wakasa(Fukui prefecture), you can enjoy seafood from the sea as
Dinner and Breakfast included
Breakfast Included
Tsurugaoka Miyama is located close to Fukui prefecture border in the mountains. This makes it possible to enjoy not only the delicacies of the mountains, but also the rich marine products from the Sea
Accommodation only, Enjoy the Japanese traditional house
The original Japanese landscape remains strongly in Tsurugaoka Miyama. Symbolic of the affluent lifestyle of the neighborhood, where residents helped each other, is the thatched house,and in Tsurugaok